The view from Mt Ainslie

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We happened to be in Melbourne during the Commonwealth Games. Not terribly exciting, but there were some interesting 'cultural' events on at the same time: There was one fish for every Commonwealth country down the Yarra (and two for Australia). At night they spurted water.
The best thing, though, was this: a large inflatable tent by the sea:
Because the plastic it was made out of was translucent, it produced all kinds of strange lighting effects inside:
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These photos are just as they came out of the camera. The tent was modelled on Iranian mosques, but made in (where else?) Nottingham.

Pakistani tram

For some reason to do with the Commonwealth Games, they got some people who normally decorate buses in Pakistan to decorate a Melbourne tram. Posted by Picasa

The 'Gong

Earlier this year we came back from Sydney via Wollongong. It's best known for its large steelworks and general industrialness, but this photo manages to make it look quite nice, really...

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