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Home again... for now

The main point of setting up this webpage thing was to have somewhere to put a few photos from my trip to the UK (and Belgium) the other month.

And the good and/or bad news is that I will be back in Europe (mainly the UK, but with additional trips to other and mainly sunnier places, I hope), this time with Phuong, over Christmas (specifically 23 December to 19 January). So hopefully I can see everyone again. Unless they manage to change identities, phone numbers, have plastic surgery, etc. in time.

Pictures from my trip to Europe

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Stephen explains an important point... Posted by Picasa

Stephen enjoys a healthy tonic water Posted by Picasa

Zack pretends he can play guitar Posted by Picasa

Stephen and Zack's discussion takes a metaphysical turn Posted by Picasa

Stephen and Zack have a serious discussion, and some beer Posted by Picasa

Timothy and Lijun at the Crown Posted by Picasa

Timothy, Lijun and Amel at the Crown Posted by Picasa

Looking East
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